Buying Realestate in the fraser valley

So you have made the decision to purchase real estate... sounds difficult right? Well here is some good news, it’s very simple and I prove that with every client I work with.

The process can start one of two ways, talking or listening, I prefer the second one because unless you are an abnormally friendly person who is currently looking to adopt a realtor chances are I won’t be the one living in the house, you will. Listening is crucial, because in order for me to find you a home that will suite all your needs I have to know what those needs are…. and that, is where the fun begins.

I always start with an initial face to face consultation. In today’s day and age of endless technology there is always something a little more tangible and personal about working with someone at arm’s length rather than through a phone or email. Once we have sat down and figured out exactly what you want in a home, we will then collectively start looking at the current market availability and find you a residence that fills your requirements.

Ultimately yes, there is a little bit more to the process than that but who wants to be bored with all the technical jargon?

At the end of the day it is my goal to earn a true honest referral from my clients because if my clients are comfortable enough recommending me to someone they know that means that I have pleased them to the utmost of my ability and that I have done my job right the first time.

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